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Black clouds
Of scaring apprehensions
With long nails and devilish teeth
Of so-called Mayan apoclypse
Looming large freely
As a long nightmare
On all faces the world over
Inviting the black hole
To devour the world
Into its void so fathomless
Even before its advent.
Mayan calendar
Though no longer hung
On the wall of human race
Now seems to be telling
The date of doomsday
21st December 2012
Beyond which exist no dates
Is it heralding a new era
A beacon of new life in light?
A breed of enlightened race?
Of Holy Christ in heart
On the rise everywhere
Within the world
And the world inside
Makes all minds to moot over
The futility of life
And a spiritual resolution
That may act as a sheet anchor
In the event of global darkness
Engulfing darkness
Of the black hole
Or as a safeguard
Against the flinters and splinters
Of the clashes of meteors
Or dual fights between
Foreign planets and our planets
Or maybe a strong shield
Against the false projections
And ghostly shadows
Of our own mental apocalypse!
Image © Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar


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