Theme: Grief

Rachel Mourns her Slaughtered Offspring

Rachel weeping for her children,
and would not be comforted because they are not!'
(Mt. 2:17-18; Jer. 31:15, KJV)
Matthew 2:13-23

A voice in Ramah with heart-rending cry
Was heard on continents and many lands,
Grief-stricken mothers asking God, 'Lord why?”
Why are they slaughtering the Innocents?

But Rachel mourns not only Bethlehem,
Whose Innocents were mowed down by the blade,
She weeps for slaughtered children, all of them,
That perished through some ruthless King of hate.

The toddler Jesus too was a 'Marked Man',
Right after birth His parents had to flee,
To Egypt to escape the murderous plan
Of power-hungry ruthless tyranny.

The joyous angel choirs, and shepherds left,
The brilliant Guiding Star went out of sight,
Reality set it with brutal heft,
“Extermination” - hasten! - take to flight!.

For Him the babies suffered Martyrdom,
The Holy Innocents so small and pure,
While persecuting Herods rule and roam.
Be it in Syria, Auschwitz or Darfour.

She spurns sick easy comfort’s shallow speech:
“Get over with it, life goes on! - move on'
But wailing Rachel does the Lord beseech
To send sweet comfort from His Mercy Throne.

As Mater Lacrimosa (mom of tears)
She mourns, laments her children's cruel sort,
Her children perished, her so precious dears,
That died by persecution, gas, or sword.

The matriarch, keeps on weeping,
Her wailing can be heard on many a shore,
She mourns, rejecting comfort glib and cheap.
Disconsolate she, - her children are no more.

She died while giving birth to Benjamin,
Another mother saw the agony,
And drank the sorrow cup filled to the brim,
While watching Jesus die on Calvary.

Her almond eyes are with hot tears replete,
She mourns the many children she has lost,
On 9/11 and the desperate need
Of babes that perished in the Holocaust.

Lo! Rachel wails, weeps uncontrollably...
Her tears run down the stones and wet the sod,
She weeps this matriarch and the Trustee,
Who does divulge; with cries the tears of God.

She cries at Newtown's aweful tragedy,
Lo! Unimaginable was our Father's hurt.
When by His gift of Free Will He did see
The slaughter of the children that occurred.

But Jesus, children's friend and champion
Bestows on each one His most tender kiss.
To be forever their companion.
And with their teachers live with Him in bliss.

And Jeremiah holds out Hope, for he
Keeps speaking of the Lord's firm promises,
'All will be righted by divine decree.
Behold! - thus promises the One WHO IS

Feast of the Holy Innocents, December 28th. 


More By  :  Elizabeth Dandy

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