Theme: Love


Always I feel you
touch you in my dreams
always I think of you 
see you in my means
such a way I love you
have you in my swings
thus I can say 
I miss your every glimpse
This life never gives me
never thinks of me
but I get you
as my strong wings
in my whole world
I think of you
I see you 
such way I feel you
I miss you in my rhythms
bitterness of world
filled the ocean of my heart
it is layer of my search
and care of my verge
I think I pray for you
I think I have you
I worship you in path
and thus I take you to heaven
search of you or soul
search of mine or prayer
I've nothing to say but
the word "you are mine"
till death I won't say 
I will not forget you 
you and me, a bond of care
but twisted anywhere
but it's me not in change
having nothing to break
and nothing to urge
but a silent dream
A dream that takes me to heaven
with you and my prayer
wherever you live dear!
My hand of care always there
this thing I say to you
not because I say you something
but as you mean a lot
for me and my prayer 
O Dear! The bond of care
that we call love
will not break till the horizon
as it will go to end and never end
this is me but silent
this is me but nothing
it's my soul and only soul
that seeks something
This human says to you 
I am nothing but
it is you that means a lot
to me all my life
a drop of water that wets me
a touch of heat swiftly
a newly born child's voice
or a lovely word of silent eyes
my eyes are filled
my words are tilted
I say nothing 
but "I have you"
this is the way
the way to life
the way of feelings
I spend on you
to give you the way 
the way to heaven
the eyes of hope
words of both
the soul of god
praying for you, dear!
Have a lovely life ahead
get a beautiful buddy ahead
may these feelings of care
make a beautiful life to stare
if you want to look back
nothing I have to give you dear
but a hand of care
and time to spare
only for you all my life
I have a pace
regarding you
this is me who is still for you
forever and ever.


More By  :  Swati Sharma

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