Theme: Cruelty

The Indelible Blur

It is not the rape of an innocent child,
But an indelible blur on the face of a civilised world,
The cause is not just the animal instincts of the culprits,
But the deep-rooted malady of the patriarchic mindset.
The victim is not insulted, but the human nature is,
Neither she is tarnished, but the humanity is.
Her body and soul are brutally bruised,
And handed a death blow to the mankind as a whole.
So what do we do?
Teach our kin, the morals at home and school,
And idolize to them the ideal values,
Spread in the teens the essence of spirituality,
And motivate them to master the martial arts.
Punishing promptly the culprits,
Shaming them publicly with stringent punishments,
And sparing nobody for a surer deterrence.
Over all, a good governance and by the committed.
Will these help the cause?
Well they may to an extent,
But the cancer in the mind,
Can only be cured by the magic wand,
The wand is the practice of purity,
And to regard and respect our daughters with impunity.


More By  : Dr. Sivanand Veluri

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