Theme: Revenge

Judge, Jury and Executioner

I'm your judge, jury and executioner as well.
You murdered my wife and I'm going to send you to Hell.
You were set free because the District Attorney made a blunder.
The law can't touch you but I'm going to put you six feet under.

When you learned that you were a free man, I heard you laugh.
I'm going to avenge my wife, you'd better be aware of my wrath.
I adored my wife and I've been in agony since you took her away.
I'll have my revenge, you will never again see the light of day.

You've turned my heart to stone and as each day passes, my heart becomes colder.
I just fired my twenty gauge shotgun and blew your head off your shoulders.
You committed the worst crime of all and the worst sin.
Now that your brains are splattered on the wall, I feel happiness again.

(This is a fictional poem.)


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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