Theme: Dreaming

Never Stop Dreaming!

Never stop dreaming at all!
For, they are going to help solve problems.
There can't be a man sans problem;
If there's one he is problem to all!
Insoluble problem is invisible disease
Causing concern and increasing woes!

None can escape from cobwebs of society,
The turbulence of politics,
The pinches and snatches of economy,
The confrontations of contradictory cultures
And the hypocrisy of modern civilization!

Frustration, monotony, irritation,
Cynicism and scepticism are there
In every rationalist, moralist,
Self-respecting individual and
Compassionate intellectual everywhere!

No cry or tears can solve this crisis!
This situation may be called Illusion
One has to face boldly and go ahead
In the direction to fulfill the purpose
For which one has started one's life
Though a time consuming thing now!

Illusion is not permanent to be bogged,
Worries come and go but the goals,
The thoughts, the imaginations,
The dreams and ideas of a better tomorrow
Should never be forgotten because...
They are the ones that make all
Get inspiration, enthusiasm and
The zealous mood to go ahead
Hopefully and cheerfully in life and
Make human life worth living....!

Something is wrong somewhere
In the system of society we live in!
Is it due to civilization or economy
Or politics or what? We should think!

All sorts of malpractices, favouritism,
Nepotism, corruption, conventions,
Customs and obsolete traditions are
Being followed in all walks of life
Whether it is in education or judiciary,
In politics or bureaucracy and
In religion or society crippling all
Developmental activities of people!

Everything has to be corrected,
Reoriented and reformed surely
So as to allow healthy developments
To go on smoothly satisfying all
The sincere, good and honest people!

All thinkers, poets and writers
Have to analyze all matters
Concerning human life,
Bring out the best things
And truth in them.... and
Suggest suitable solutions
For all the problems all face
Paving the way for a better world
And do noble service to mankind!

So, things needed and have to be done
To solve the present crisis are
The preservation of Nature,
Development of humanism or human culture
And the creation of one world!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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