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I Am Fortunate To Suffer

by Bhuwan Thapaliya
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I am poor.
I am sick.
I am hungry.
I am not
alive enough to live.
Pale, dark and lean,
I'm lifeless
like a corpse.
Sometimes, I want
to die, and then,
I shall no longer be
poor, sick and hungry.
But Oh! My dear God,
I curse you not
and accept my life
as your gift.
I keep my pains
to myself and
accept others pain
as my own.
Yes, I am fortunate
to suffer.
My suffering helps me
to understand
their sufferings better.
My ears are closer
to the mouth
of the dumb
and I hear
what they are saying.
I could hear
the agony of their life.
My eyes are closer
to the eyes
of the blind
and I see
what they are seeing.
I could see
the desolation
of their life.
torment them
but their hope
contents them.
They feed
on each other.
Oh! God,
have mercy on them
have mercy on them.


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