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The birth of child, feelings of elation
despite the dilemma of overpopulation -
A conundrum causing social unrest
with sustainable resources at their worst
Depleting rapidly are the forest covers
polluted with filth are the sacred rivers
Wildlife habitat has become disturbed
fearing extinction species are perturbed
Ecology and biodiversity are brazenly exposed
wasteful consumption cunningly reposed
Impudently proliferates man’s greed
Ah! The arrogant, ignorant, deceitful creed!
For Earth to support in sustainable manner
before it gets too late we must ponder -
What sort of world we intend to offer
to children of God who we have to answer
Endowed we are with reason and sense
bestowed by God so that we may aptly use
Declining and denying the precepts of nature
the quality of life will deteriorate to an abuse

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More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Do you want to contribute something to solve the biggest problem of humankind? Then sign our petition under the world's largest platform

Would you like to spread these informations on your homepage, on TV and radio stations, in social medias etc und support this campaign., if possible?

The German physicist, aerospace physician, writer and television presenter Heinz Haber wrote in 1973 that a planet the size of our Earth should not be populated with more than 500 million human beings in order to maintain a harmonious balance between human beings and nature. Today (June 2013 ) we have, with (officially listed ) 7.2 billion human beings, reached more than 14 times this guideline value, and an end of this population growth is not in sight! A huge mass of unemployment and the collapse of our prosperity will be further consequences. A worldwide, mandatory birth control for all countries of Earth is urgent, if we want the impending climate catastrophe to weaken somewhat.
Even the UN IPCC has recognised the danger in its fifth World Climate Report, but played it down by only predicting a higher sea level rise than previously prognosticated. The world however is in store for an unprecedented climate catastrophe which will bring us human beings - even in Europe! - primeval conditions. According to a current campaign at the world's largest petition platform "", the reasons for this are obvious, but are ignored and tabooed as a result of ignorance, cowardice and lust for might.

Quote from a proponent of the petition:
"The overpopulation of Earth is a huge disaster and shows the picture of an egoistical thinking human being who doesn't care the slightest bit about his/her environment and who has raised the fulfilment of his/her desires to be the supreme principle of his/her life. The quality of the future life of all human beings is inseparably connected with the state of nature. The unrestrained plundering, exploitation and the therewith accompanying destruction, devastation and poisoning of the soil, air and water, caused by the huge demand for foodstuffs and goods of all kind of a still explosively growing population, presents the human beings with unsolvable problems. Overpopulation is not a taboo word, rather the exact term for an excessive number of human beings brought about by an irrational and irresponsible procreation of children, and which nature can no longer cope with. There should only be as many human beings living in a country as it can also sustain from its own resources. In addition the fauna and flora must also have enough space to expand in order to fulfil their vital functions in a good functioning ecosystem. This shows that all countries of Earth are overpopulated and need to do something about it. The control of the overpopulation does not mean that human beings have to leave, and it also has nothing to do with racism, but rather it demands of the human being, regardless of his/her colour, that a reasonable birth regulation must be strongly striven for and carried out for the benefit of all human beings and all life on our planet."

With best regards from Germany
Achim Wolf

Achim Wolf
04-Nov-2013 02:57 AM

Comment We are fowling our own nest, and we all insist on living in given areas, thus causing pollution,which is slowly killing the planet, and the once free and easy lifestyles of country existence is slowly being replaced by urban sprawl.

[Comment from Thinkers and Strategists on Linkedin]

Ole Fischer
15-Jan-2013 18:28 PM

Comment A very serious but given least importance topic. Their should be a policy of planting 1 tree and maintaining it against every human child born.

Vijay Khurana
15-Jan-2013 07:26 AM

Comment Hard hitting! A must read -esp. for Indians.
Thanks for sharing.

Ramendra Kumar
14-Jan-2013 07:15 AM

Comment It's a grim reality we all face today! Prosperity of human life is a big question mark now!

14-Jan-2013 03:51 AM

Comment Poetry taking up critical issues and social positions is need of the hour. Through this rhyming poem, the versatile poet appeals to us all about impending catastrophes, in an elegant style.

14-Jan-2013 00:31 AM

Comment Rajendra ji,

The poem no doubt is great but the picture fantastic! Although, I am sure America is far less populated than our burgeoning India, in one state only UP, which is bigger than USA in size or near about!

Julia Dutta
14-Jan-2013 00:16 AM

Comment A timely message conveyed through this great poem in a straight and forthright manner - the need of the hour! Thanks Rajji.

Padmaja Iyengar
14-Jan-2013 00:14 AM

Comment Makes so much sense... we are simply provng unsustainable, where the joy of having kids have been tainted with qsts like can the planet take our burden. wish we could all do something more than just talk!

Aaditi Kane
14-Jan-2013 00:11 AM

Comment Superbly written.

13-Jan-2013 23:32 PM

Comment Food for thought!

Pavalamani Pragasam
13-Jan-2013 22:32 PM

Comment a dilemma for this tired, gasping, dying earth

Susan Dale
13-Jan-2013 22:24 PM

Comment So well stated! Especially in Indian context, patently corrupt government can come out with flimsy and eye washing policies to please the rich and poor, but no serious policy towards population control makes all economic initiatives hollow.

Also, all the rich nations are interested in giving out the dole to feed the poor of the world, but not spend any serious money to educate them. It is only by keeping the masses uneducated can the rich ruling establishment of the world can retain power on resources permanently.

Education is the only answer to limit crime, bring enlightenment, provide jobs, fight disease, empower masses, reduce waste and the result would be population - sustainable in numbers, and qualitative human resource.

Sanjay Chowdhary
13-Jan-2013 22:09 PM

Comment This is a noble feeling and a visionary one.
But what to do? Billions of us; including myself; appear to be shackled in physical, hormonal and neural bondage.
It is extremely difficult to rise from it!

13-Jan-2013 22:04 PM

Comment Admirable ... simply because you took up a serious yet unpopular subject. Keep it flowing.

Pawan Kumar
13-Jan-2013 21:41 PM

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