Theme: Anger

Mar Ja Sali

Mar Ja Sali
You scum,
Screamed the
Crazed juvenile,
Eyes glazed,
Face contorted,
While ramming a rod into her
Fragile young
Limp body of the
Brutalizing her further,
While in extreme pain,
The woman writhed
And flailed,
In that ill-fated
Moving Delhi bus;
He pulled it out
Along with her intestines,
And she bled;
Her body violated by the
Monsters masquerading
As civilized young men,
The juvenile was plain wild,
Treating her worst than
The Gestapo or Star Chamber police;
She was now reduced to
A mere living corpse,
Of no use to anybody;
And therefore,
Did have no right to live,
In a society that finds
Women lusty objects
To be possessed and then shed
And shredded like stained paper;
And they, the heartless rapists,
Satiated and burping after
Their raw cannibalism
Of eating their live female feast;
Wanted to kill the human evidence,
But could not complete that
Diabolic plan
And left her then
Along with her male companion
To die on a Delhi road;
Because they knew
The apathy of the public
And the police will do the rest;
And eventually,
Despite a nation re-awakened,
It finally did,
Because the death of a common
Matters not,
In power-driven Delhi.

(Note: Inspired by the recent media accounts of rape-victim’s mother. Mar ja Sali is loosely rendered in the first two lines, reflecting the mindset of a commodified culture to female body, worth and life.)


More By  : Dr. Sunil Sharma

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Your poem poignantly and expressly presents the cruellest act we have heard of or witnessed in recent times.No sympathy to the perpetrators of this crime.An exemplary punishment is highly desirable,sir.Regards.

Sony Dalia
15-Jan-2013 03:29 AM

Comment Sir,
The Titel is so hard that can not digeste. the whole incident ,unforgetable , shame full act , later nothing has done yet by the authorities to the RAPISTS .due to thier act WE as an INDIAN feel shame in the eyes of other commuinty people . Sach an act should be highly panishable that then nobody think even to do it .
In ISLAMIC LAW [ I must say THE HUMAN LAW ] the perfect panishement as well solution so nobody think to do this bad act .

tariq ansari
14-Jan-2013 13:38 PM

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