Theme: Abstract

Beyond the Border

Within a short span of one hour and half
and in an arena defined by thin lines
the players showcase their wit and power.
No foul play, rules one can't flay,
to remain fair, single-minded
to score goals are all that one learns;
Guidelines and rules are simple,
referee's whistle is as sacred as the holy Bible.

Man's world of activity is small,
as in a game short is the duration
of his deed on this earth, too.
If referee’s whistle and line umpire’s fingers
can make the game of soccer so glorious and sacrosanct,
what prevents man to mark
his bounds on the earth by lines of peace,
hear the whistle of the unseen umpire
and follow the guidelines of love
to raise the mankind to cloud nine
all the sorrows and grief to dissolve?


More By  : Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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