Theme: Time

Grandfather Clock


Sentinel like, the aged mahogany grandfather clock
Performs his willing duty.
Standing proudly in the darkened corridor;
Tick-tock, tick-tock, through the years;
Measuring the passing of every single expectant moment.

For nearly sixty seven years this loyal and
Prophetic keeper of time has served his owner:
The eccentric and now frail and elderly Elisabeth Blake;
A beautiful and worldly-wise lady of many arcane gifts.

Many world events has he marked,
With his prescient chiming.
With tones of melancholy or joy;
Whether good or ill.

Before times of war, famine and disease;
Strident ringing tones of heart riven agony.

Before times of peace, hope and people coming together;
Booming chimes of joy and exaltation.

Echoing through the old mansion and spreading
Outwards through the world around them;
Carrying the happy or dreadful news far and wide.

And now his chimes are for himself, muted;

Silenced, and never to be heard again.

In this world.

For Elisabeth Blake has passed away.


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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