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As Time Passes

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This place used to be a farm landscape, then the farms
took to disappearing and houses were built, with nice
roads, shops, petrol station, school and church.
The traffic was slow, children played in the street and
it was a good place to live for young families.

Hard time struck, mortgages could not be paid, some
houses were boarded up people disappeared and was
never seen again; more people left, everyone in fact, no
one bothered to board up houses and empty houses had
broken windows, for a rule unwritten.

Packs of dogs roamed for a while, but drifted away to
find human settlements, and cats were eaten by foxes.
Plants broke up the asphalt in nice streets and dwellings
lost roofs; what could fall down fell, rain, snow and sun,
the wind blew and there was silence.

Then a fine spring day a man was ploughing what used
to be the sport fields and in the old school yard cows
mooed as it was milking time; and there were plenty of
bricks for many farmsteads to be built, soon they dotted
a farmland that once had been a townscape


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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