Theme: Satire

Joe Lunch Bucket

As wily Obama fools us with his shtick,
Sara Palin (Miss Piggy) slaps on her lipstick,
While the buffoon Biden is up to his old tricks,
Feckless old McCain ' only his wounds he can lick!

No matter who ends up as our President,
They soon forget as to whom they represent.
We forget all the money they taxed and spent,
And then re-elect them and give them our consent!

In the midst of this chaos and trickery,
We are fed the same old chicanery.
The politicians with impunity prevaricate,
At the expense of ordinary Joe Lunch Bucket!

So McCain, Obama, Biden or Palin,
Not one of them can help us, as we are ailing!
As the country goes to Hell in a hand basket,
Joe Lunch Bucket will need new sobriquet!

Perhaps call him Joe Sucker or Joe Sitting Duck!
As our Congressmen and President run amok,
Pitching rich against the poor, spending our buck -
We can only sigh and blame our dumb luck!


More By  : Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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