Theme: Calling

O! Lord Krishna

O! Lord Krishna come again on this earth
To teach and preach the new lesson of Geeta,

Bhakti, Gyan & Karmyoga to people of India.
Spread sweet melodies of your flute everywhere,
So we may feel ecstasy and unique effect of it. 
Save Damini or Draupadi from rapist Dushasan.
Protect Dharma from unrighteous dynasties.
Defend grandson of Pandvas from Aswathama,
To foil the bad tricks of insinuator Shakuni mama.

Amazing taste of handful rice unbeknown to Satyabhama,
Even today, people recall your friendship with Sudama.
The cows are in great trouble and captured by butchers,
The peasants commit suicide due to high debt pressures.
Now-a-days Indraprastha is being made a shelter for criminals.
Immorality, abduction and murders are read in all the journals. 
I beg you to come again and blow conch for truth and purity. 
Give a message for humanity, prosperity,
fidelity and divinity.

There is a Mahabharat in my heart which encourages me,
against corruption, injustice, terror & dirt of unfair means.
Hold the bridle for chariot of my life, as you held Arjuna.
I am in perplexity and frightened in odd circumstances.

To this mortal body, you are out of range far in the skies.  
I am curious to see 'Virat Swaroop' with those divine eyes.
The world is a forest for me, I don't see any path of truth.
I have been wandering here and there, since birth after birth
Where will you find, I don't know, haven't ability or worth.
Please come again to guide us for redemption, establish serenity.

I have come to your shelter, and pray for deliverance or saving.
I am calling you again & again, to appear for shower of blessing.


More By  :  Nathmal Sharma

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Kali Yuga is 4,32,000 years! After Mahabharata war only 5000 years have passed away! Balance 27,000 will have to go on for Lord Vishnu to take Kalki avatar to set right the set backs in the world to establish Dharma! Til then we cannot say anything for sure! Just pray for His grace and go!

T A Ramesh
16-Jun-2021 02:18 AM

Comment very beautiful, in this cruel world Lord Krishna's coming back is extremely you, I am His huge devotee..

22-Jun-2014 11:53 AM

Comment This poem is under preparation.I want to extend and moderate it.So please hold it for consideration till a week.Nathmal Sharma(Newly entered writer)

13-Feb-2013 07:44 AM

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