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Johnny's Walk

Where ever he is !
Never late to be in the club ragam.
He was the first
He was the best!

Start with a glass of water
Any matter he never reach home before dawn
He is the pony
He pays pony!

All eye on him
He is much happy

Suddenly bees like crowds come
He is ignored
All eye on them

Our Johnny starts paying
Again he gets smile
Minute happiness
Comes & goes like tides

He is fallen!
For him love
For them prey.
He was very obedient
And good boy too...!
Never fail any single session
Unless until Government announces holiday.

He wana be there always
He thought leading!

He lied at madam
New projects
Meetings .
Bosses r in town
And curse the bosses.

Madam console him
Its good for future and
You work for chinnu (daughter)
But be in control

Johnny justified
As he is missing too much
So he took something
To forget the feelings.

Poor lady
She does not know its not future!
Its going to ruin her future!

Johnny pays plastic money
He looks at the currency payers
Likes fools and beggars.

Days passed...!
Months passed...!
Still can see
Some regulars
Who keeps regularities.

Johnny is no where?
Found to be walking
Still he justified..
Good for health
Hiding the story of
Car without fuel.

He laughed at me
Carrying a cell phone
Like geometry box.
No sign of cell with him
He justified recent study says
Usage of cell phone is harmful.

Bankers updated the cards
His plastic cards
All are outdated.
Still he keeps those.

Last night
He was caught red handedly
By Chiinu (daughter)
Stealing her pocket money.
He justified
Its for minimum balance to pay
The outdated plastic cards

Madam knew
Chinnu's maximum savings
Won't be enough to
Pay the minimum

As she knew may be sufficient
For the bootlegger
Bringing his 8 pm country scotch.


More By  :  Shafiq Ahmed

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