Theme: Love


The pilgrim,
Geared up for a journey
To the unknown
To the eternal bliss
To the place where
Darkness is luminous
And silence is comforting
The pilgrim,
After the climb up
On the top of mount Kailash
After Ganga shot out
The fertilizing drops;
Ever-ready and alert
To the slightest touch,
Recoils amid the matted hair
Around the blue-necked god
The pilgrim, 
With the single-minded devotion,
Braving the drizzle and the torrential rain
And the earthquake and the storm,
Braving the slippery terrain
Sweating, moves backwards
To the shrine of love to offer
His soul to the soft-cored triangle;
The creative energy -
A receptacle and a charmer-churner
Of blood and flesh into life-force.


More By  : Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad

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