Theme: Caution

Don't Wait..!

As she walked home every day,
She sensed being stalked all the way!
She had a pepper spray
That she carried every day,
All prepared and set
To let it out like a jet
On his salivating face
And put him in his place!
Oh my God! Does she realise,
That she’ll have no time to analyse
His real intent
And the extent
Of his obsession,
Of his perversion...?
Just a point to ponder -
My lady, please wonder
Whether you’ll have time to react,
When he suddenly decides in fact
To stop being a stalker mere
And do something really queer..?
Then the pepper spray
May help you in no way
If it isn’t able to be out
Against a man’s lust stout!
Be alert, take care!
And absolutely don’t bear
Any crude teasing or talking
Or a man who is stalking...!

(This was written after the recent Hyderabad Share Auto Molestation episode). Read here


More By  :  Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

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