Journey of Life

The seeds of love sown in the womb
with patience and care- coming into life,
holding innocence in the very first breath
opening eyes to the world full of strife

As a baby cuddled by the mother
snuggling in the warm security of the arms around,
crawling into every crevice at sight
fondly put to sleep with love abound

As an infant walking with a finger held
step by step learning the vagaries of the path to tread,
each fall making further efforts stronger
to rise to fulfill each of life's needs

Adolescence teaching the child to mature
with experiences at life's every bend,
youth giving vigor and color
showing the way for difficulties - to fend

The man -from the child- bringing responsibilities
patience, perseverance and grit building character,
the passion and love embarking on a search for a soul-mate
the sight of whom causing the young heart to flutter

As a parent - showering affection and doting on the child
fulfilling wishes of the family - a perfect parent,
watching the children grow with a look of satisfaction
amidst changing times and thought - strong as a current

In old age - going through feeble paces of life
with the strong arms of the grandchildren to support on,
thoughtfully looking back- satisfied - on the road traversed
-of times inspirational enough at bad times - to fall back upon

The ultimate goal of life reached
The path ahead meandering narrowly,
As the sight once so powerful - dims out slowly
Till the last milestone crossed - the soul resting peacefully !


More By  :  Suman

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