Theme: Dominance

Journey through Prairie Forest in Winter

Stretch of gravel & tar still in blissful embrace
unfolds under Michelins inflated with excavated arrogance
as incessant tracks under rollers under veteran Sherman

History is carved with scars on dilapidated Chevy

Elbows fingers knees toes poise
conspire to master destiny
of terrain of steel of men of history
at sound of bugle
greatness I chase
dangles under sky as robe off hook in ceiling
runs with horizon with fear or spite

My sole passenger slyly loaded her lips
with missile protruding at edge of lipstick
fate of ball I saw in fancy
pulverized in pallets by self-indulgence
fired off barrel pivoted on vanity

Litany of furbished ice crystals on bare branches
emblazoned in swords in spears
infused in trees armored with glittering metal
trapped in twigs mantle alights to adorn
shoulders neck back posterior of strange silhouette
bestowing shape on Genghis Khan in caftan
forest marches past crushing loam
blades had fallen through slits in wind in fall

Like Nero my companion fiddled still
face emulated Cleopatra's under crown
displayed over enormous pyramids
gesture of reddened fingernail
struck command off scepter tip

Bridge that once was over tiny stream
lay as mammoth turtle turned upside down
kicked by toes of boots of soldiers still marching
snuggled with compact that was before it flirted
with destiny
claws tangled plates crushed

Might of man had just been evinced

Youthful grooms intoxicated
with substance conceit arrogance ignorance
had just charged in embrace of railing of bridge
bordering serpentine stretch of gravel & tar
of death
the bride of life
siren of ambulance forging as chariot
pierced tale into ears

Shaded with resolve of Alexander on Indus
uniform on Mounties motions
with flashlight its scepter

Diverted traffic flows to cross waters
into spread of snow
lined with swarming stems attired in bark
placid twigs transmuted swiftly
in thorns & needles set in elephantine cacti
in sands of Arizona

As I pushed through forest embellished with barren patches
gigantic mushroom burst out of breast of earth
propelled by her heart
enlarged as shoved his head through sand

Suddenly air resumed its chill
shivering branches clutched frozen trees
stem & dome traded form
with broken pine covered with snow
impressed upon my eyes in motion


More By  : Dr. Raj Vatsya

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