Theme: Greatness

Journey Through Sugarcane Fields

Wings of steel screeched past feathers
deriding thunder lightening
cloud trudged
message of yaksha stowed in driblets

Life is too brief for dreams for fancies
technology has effaced stretches exile
fashioned armor on flesh darted through

Woven with fingers of metallic giants
jaded with concrete glazed with tar
opaque purdah covers visage of history
wind had blurred footsteps already

Present has no time to tangle with past
wait for future
pushes off as hog shoveling dirt onto chronicle
mules crawled from under

Horses are swifter

Hooves by the hundreds thousands
pounded the breast of earth
eager to emulate wind
reverse the tide of loincloth
armor forged with warmth of blood of life
magical spells of affection

Weavers watched with awe

Alexander descended to bow
monk in nude enthralled deluge of legions
curtain of dust veil of time
not thick enough to stifle all imprints

Earth has embraced steps culminating in leaps
more giant than forged on moon
men have walked

Grumbled the steel horse
wheels rolled, bugle sounded
melody vibrated air
Yamuna flows slowly eternally
upstream streamed reminiscences
fingers that fiddled with flute had held reins steering horses
sang Gita
chariots had rolled, bugles had sounded

Mantle of greatness has descended to adorn the fallen
chetak by river, queen in fields of Jhansi
Padmini in fort adorned with powder
fire thundered to propel in time
tales of defeat of marching legions

Fields garbed in choonar
dancing pubescence in flesh
urged multicolored sprinkle of affection, of love

Present has no time to revel in present
in narcissistic tangle

Stretch of sugarcanes sundered
life in flesh in carriage thrust his head neck buttocks feet
dirt road bestowed affable smile

Suddenly in twilight it dawned
this was not first
had journeyed before

Birth is magical
repeat is more


More By  : Dr. Raj Vatsya

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