Theme: Melancholy

A Glass of Wine

This is ridiculous it has no name engulfed by sadness, two bottles of wine and cigarettes
and I’m drowning. Tomorrow no more, but I know when the sun falls so will I, succumbed
to a need to fly away to otherness. The pain in my chest is eating away, the emptiness of
my life feels like intolerable burden. I have created a world that is so small it chokes me.

The road to recovery, to palm trees and gentle sea is long. We used to laugh, my lover and
I, life was so funny; now all I can see is wasteland with no oasis, there is nothing to lift
the spirit and the age old question asked by many before me: "what is it all for other to
bringing one's gene further into the future, I have not been able to do even that simple
task". The night is so long, endlessly I flick from channel to channel to find something that
can bring the laughter back, but tiredness overwhelms me, l want another glass of wine,
the last glass that brings sleep. It doesn’t work anymore the more I drink the more sober
I get, Intolerable is the angst. Around and around I jumped on a carrousel and its engineer
has gone, whirling colours, cacophony of screams, the undead will not be silent.

Look into
the kaleidoscope of life and see a myriad of stars, bright and shiny but they are all fading
illusions. But a voice whispers in my ear, tomorrow you will get a new day, a sheet of blank
paper and crayon, so you can make clowns' faces and laugh again.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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