Theme: Life

Salami For A Horse

Driving home from the man whose profession
is to study people´s entrails, rice pudding he
had said and no booze - and for this banality
he charged me 80 Euros; the car stopped and
I opened the back door of the car and let out
my horse. It is a small horse, my feet reached
the ground and I helped the horse by walking
too, sitting. Nearing home it galloped which
was painful for my ankles. 

Stabled it on the veranda, but as I had no hay
it ate the wicker chair, which displeased my cat
that used to sleep in it.  Morning, the horse was
on the road, the cat sat on top of it, dressed as
a musketeer, looking like Tony Bandera, the cat
swung its hat, the horse neighed; I opened a tin
of low fat rice pudding, - had wanted salami
on warm loaf with butter - rang for a tow-truck
and horseless began walking to the car.


More By  :  Jan Oscar Hansen

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