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I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes,
letting the imagination
free to direct
the path
of all thoughts.

Smelling early morning
freshness, inundating
all my senses
I breathe deep
the crisp air
of the meadows,
running free
over shining grasses
covered by dew.

Your image appears,
sweet stranger
from the woods,
bathed in delightful
aromas from the hills,
covered with
fresh herbs.

As you embrace me
I become fully alive!
You cover me
with passionate kisses,
while I tremble
in your arms

We swim on
peaceful waters
from a deep blue lake,
reflecting the beauty
of the sky,
by calm floating lotus
and warm colored flowers.
Languid branches
from willow trees,
caressing its edges
while singing
ancient lyrics.

We bite eagerly
on exotic fruits
offered by nature,
dripping juices
run down
our faces,
from where
we drink and lick
the delicacy
of celestial flavors,
satisfying all our appetites,
as we laugh and love
with the freedom
and joy of those
reaching nirvana.


More By  :  Pili Pubul

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