Theme: Silence

The Melody of Silence!

Silence is the communication
That grasps and makes intelligible
The expressions which are beyond words;
Silence is the flow of dearness and love
That cannot be measured by ordinary nearness

Silence is the place where all intimacies originate
And all loves reside and the love shared
By the beloved dwells making the heart blissful

Is the form of language which
Makes us listen to
All senses, meanings, intuitions, understanding, insight and experiences;
Is source to and transforms itself during communication into
Words, senses, meanings, experiences, feelings and thoughts

Speech, all expressions, mental traits
Urges and longings are sourced from and are flows of silence;
And so are desires, pains, aches, interests, loves,
Pleasantness, born in and carried by silence
Form of peace, being the thread of all mental activities

Silence is where
All thoughts, feelings originate,
All pains, aches, separations dissolve into;
The recess that flows eternally and always
And is pleasantly present charming everywhere

All literature, music, dance, fine-arts,
Knowledge, logic, perceptions, intuitions,
Happen and cease to happen in silence in silence

Silence is blissful recess; residence to
Equanimity, equality, love, fullness,
Fulfillment, salvation, liberty;
Is responsible for all creation, sustenance, and dissolution
And is formless form to all forms


More By  : Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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