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Is Marriage a Vanishing Institution?

Taslima Nasreen says,
the institution of marriage
must become an archaeological stuff
as part of social evolution.
And she looks at it
as part of paternal maneuvering
and connivance.

Like every institution,
marriage too blackened
because some men and women
cannot handle the institution

Because a man gives the sperm
should not the woman be eternally
Since a woman gives the womb,
the egg and nurtures the growing life
for nine months,
giving all body fluids and care,
shall not the man be eternally grateful?

Only unthinking minds misbehave.
Those who can have no pleasures of life
seek pleasure in the consummation act only.

Yes, other people connive.
How can the other guy be happy
when I have so many woes?

This eternal conflict will always be there
for men and women unfortunately are not born equal!

How can a man assume the role of a woman,
and a woman, the role of a man?
Religion has always tried to give support.
If one misuses religion,
what can one do?

Taslima, you have chosen your life.
I have highest respect for you.
Unfortunately, some women do not get men
to match their personality and intellect.
But, life is always a compromise.
For, as many needs of all humans are the same,
the body fluids vary in quantity,
and that makes all the difference.
That makes different people different.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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