Theme: Violence


Kill for food. Nature endorses it
Kill for sport. Manliness enforces it
Born to rule?
Man has seized the right to ruin...
What if universal carnage be his undoing!

Kill! Your religion is at stake!
You'll go to heaven, make no mistake!
Kill for your flag, kill for your country
in the honors list make your entry...
Each blistering tear of an orphaned waif
Each mangled heartbeat of a widowed life...
a gallantry award for your 'heroic strife'!

Kill for your honor, kill for race.
The enemy is but a nameless face.
Kill for the color of your skin
Another's blood is watery thin...
let it run
for the love of your kith and kin!

Kill for your cause
without a moment's pause
It is always loftier than the opposition's!
Kill is humanity's new-age mission
Kill for whatever you have a devotion.
Kill with an all absorbing obsession!

The dove trembles in fear and shame,
The flag of truce has become a rag aflame!
Peace, love, brotherhood and sanctity of life
are felled in a trice by arrogance's knife.
Singed to ashes by self-combusting rage
Is mankind creation's noblest image?


More By  :  Shernaz Wadia

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