Theme: Frustration

Killing a Genius

Sporting a look more trendy for the day,
Saying the things that he is expected to say,
Living a life like everyone else around,
Laughing at the same jokes with the same sound.
Wishing for peace and harmony like all the others,
Praying for the end of hunger for all his brothers,
Joining hands with those who are socially normal,
Flipping through pages of life with joy half full.

Looking for appreciation from strangers,
Wanting to be liked and away from dangers,
Sipping on the nectar of his mundane existence,
Moving swiftly with the same adept persistence.
Crying his tears for the passion of his being,
Lying to people who believe in the truth of seeing,
Flying so high in a world where he is alone,
Trying so hard to be a prodigy's clone.

Waiting patiently with perseverance abound,
Being honest almost every time around,
Hoping to feel that touch of reassurance,
Groping in desperation to get away from nuisance.
Sleeping till the tears dry up and evaporate,
Weeping till he is fit again to operate,
Wiping his sorrows on the back of his palm,
Swiping his credit of joys in exchange for qualm.

Waking till the sounds of love have died away,
Staking everything he has, to win everyday,
Breathing his exterior so calmly in a place so stark,
Lo! There is his genius sitting quietly in the dark.


More By  :  Shashi Krishna

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