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Kindness Supreme


The Infinite Ocean of calm
absolute energy
floated in His glory
before the existence of time.
In His Kindness Supreme
He shared His essence,
created the universe,
and by His Eminent Grace
dwelled in our breath.


Benevolent Father
Each of your flowers
tells me it adores you.
Each rose beckons me
to love you.
Breeze and air bring me scents,
fragrances that court
the sweetest nectar
of the softest perfume.
Each breath I take
tells me you love me
as it brings me the essence
of your wondrous love.

The firmness of your Hand, Kindness, rules the universe in a loving way. How much beauty you contain, Force that weaves the day and the night.

Who would have words to glorify your Kindness, dear Creator! Your boundless love!

Thank you for this creation, Supreme Maker.
Your Kindness is the essence of creation.
Your Harmony, the perfection of life.
Your design, the manifestation of power.
Your emblem, overflowing love.

Benevolence, when we accept your invitation to love you, our essence rejoices in such grandeur.

Giver, I would like to praise you a lifetime for all the wonders you have created.

It is the best gift
to learn of your sweetness
to know your joy
to know your benevolence
to recognize myself, your son
to feel myself very loved
amongst planets and stars.

Sweet Maker
Heart's friend
may your memory fill me
with harmony and passion.

Sweetness that melts
With love each soul,
Presence that radiates
with so much peace and calm.

A gift so wonderful: To be given an inner space from which to appreciate this existence.

He made fabulous things like the firefly that shines with its own light, the red butterfly that earlier crawled like a little worm: such special creatures. And marvelously he crafted in us a heart, a recipient of the most beautiful feeling, to enjoy this wonderful creation -- To feel it as the most precious jewel.

A gift so filled with love, so unconditional.

Thank you Life for this door you open to us each day, for showing us that dwelling where one's heart becomes ecstatic in contemplating the Real.

It is hard to imagine that You, Giver, would have so many gifts for us, your children.

It's hard to conceive of such generosity.


Creator of wonders
sun of infinity
God of the created
I love you truly.
Fabricator of bliss
of the magic of life,
how I long, Powerful,
to feel your clarity.
You fill my existence
with the utmost joy
and humbly, Oh Kindness,
I thank you.

You, King of Heart - Being sublime, Your kindness is so great; your splendor is such that wise men say it is worth waiting at the thresholds of your palace, until the door is opened. Those who raise their sights towards that vast interior remain dazzled.

Oh, King! May we know such bliss!

Existence is a jewel. The Real is enjoyable. But only You, perpetual Friend, liberate me from the labyrinth of ideas.

Portent of Beauty
Wisdom superb
at your Feet
dances the universe.

I want to forget my frequent ambitions and allow your inner gifts to surpass my dreams.

How nice it would be to live like children, who impatiently rise to discover the magic of day, and to enjoy each minute of life!

When one follows the sweetness that dwells within, gentleness, faith, and serenity flood the self.

Beloved Giver, inspire me to look at You time and again, to believe trustingly in what you wish to give me.

Divinity, when you grant your favors, how beautiful it is to feel such incomparable bliss. When you bestow your blessings, how precious it is to have the heart of a child in order to live in undying gratitude.

Kindness embellishes the path that brings peace to a thirsty heart.


More By  :  Jose Miguel Yepes

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