Theme: War

Martyrs at the Borders

Chilly freezing Line of Control
Two Indian soldiers shot dead
by Pakistan counterparts
A body even beheaded and mutilated
Similar accusations from Pakistan soldiers
Precious human lives little value there
Values frozen with passionless life at high altitude
When billions of compatriots
live peacefully with their families
on either sides of LoC
thousands of soldiers patrol day and night
deprived of warmth of love
from their spouses and children
How their families long to meet them
counting down months and days!
How these guardian angels
thirst for communion with their families!
How much of a country’s revenue
allotted for its defence every year!
Total money spent on defence
can wipe out poverty from the planet for ever
Is human species so belligerent and destructive?
Aren’t the masses peace lovers,
benevolent and compassionate?
Why then such a huge waste
for defence unnecessary?
Why create tension at the borders?
A means to divert subjects’ attention
and muffle mass protest against corruption?


More By  : Prof. Dr. Dominic KV

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