Theme: Childhood

A Child's Lament

Hello God! Can you hear me up there?!
I need to talk because I know you care.
I have to whisper...I'm not supposed to shout
Because that's why Mom put me on "time out".
Well it must be nice up there in heaven
But down here, life's not fair for a girl of seven.
It started when Mom lay in the hospital bed
And came home with brother and not me instead.
Four more long years I lived in her tummy
Before she decided to be my Mummy.
Okay, it's true when I was zero years old
She hugged me close so I wouldn't be cold.
But then one day when I was waiting to be fed
She shoved in my mouth a bottle instead
And when I lay in bed, busy at play,
Dad decided that I must "sit up" that day.
And it wasn't enough that I could "sit" and "talk"
It was time for me to learn to "walk".
Oh so many times I would fall and cry
But they kept saying, "Sweet heart, Try...Try".
And when I cried so my diaper could be changed
Guess what! Now I must be "potty-trained".
It didn't get any better when I started school
Only a lot more work seems to be the rule.
And if homework wasn't bad enough
I now must do chores and other stuff.
And when I say so much work isn't fair
It seems as if they just don't care
But here is something I don't understand
Before I go to sleep they hold my hand
And as I close my eyes they whisper in my ear,
"You're the love of our life. Sleep well my dear."


More By  :  Anwaar N. Hassan

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