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by Jayanta Sengupta
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I was there with you when you were naked,
When you were young and sacred,
I saw your first glimpse when your eyes were closed,
When you did not even have a name.
I saw your first crawl,
I felt your first touch,
I was the one who gave your first sleep,
I was the one who held you in my arms when you weeped.
Now you are taller than me,
Now you earn much more than what I did in a year,
Now you can view things much clearer than me,
And you can ignore my advice.
Now you give me your hand,
So that I can stand,
Now I am paralyzed 
And need you to suffice.
In some time I will grow old,
And my body will be cold,
My skin will become dirty,
And my soul will become weak.
I will no more be able to take decisions,
As I have lost my confidence,
I am now waiting to evade,
This world where I was made.
I know you get irritated with me,
And do not like my interference in your life,
Don’t worry my sweetheart,
I won’t last for long now.
Did you guess who I am,
Or shall I introduce myself to you again,
I am not your friend or your lover,
I am your and only your MOTHER.


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