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The Unsung Soldiers of War - II

The tigers like the snakes will not leave free anyone who hurts them.
The lionesses also like the tigers take revenge on others who hurt them;
But the Indian Army, the casual lions won't unnecessarily fight with others unless disturbed!

Why are the tigers still fighting with the lions when the dragons themselves have become silent before them?
Like the lions the dragons too have culture and wisdom with them, but what have the tigers with them?
They have only religion without reforms which also they don't understand and follow sincerely!
Love, brotherhood and unity are what all the religions of the world preach to the people everywhere;
When this is so why the hell are they behaving so barbarously like beasts even in this modern age?
In the name of religion they deceive and destroy the men of their own religion and race by themselves!
This the men of that religion should understand and live in peace with the other religious races in the world.
Unable to develop its own economy and people what is the use of Pakistan spending a lot in waging wars against India?
When it is in shambles how is it possible for it to provide all for the people of Kashmir once it becomes part of Pakistan?
Meaningless madness makes men lose knowledge, wealth, power, possession and prestige in the world.

When Russia was a friend of India because of its moral cause, strangely all the countries in the world supported Pakistan then!
After Russia has become a friend of America rightly all the countries in the world have stopped supporting Pakistan now!
So, Pakistan should know that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush!�

When they are not able to take care of their own country how will they do so with a part of another country they conquer?
Instead inhumanely Pakistan goes on fighting against its neighbour and meets with humiliating defeats at all times!
Pakistan neither lives in peace nor leaves India in peace, and develops international tension with its friendly Muslim countries too!
With this kind of unworthy neighbour how is it possible for India to develop lasting friendship in Asia?

On some 20,000 feet high Snow Mountains, where nobody can survive for six months in the winter
The well-equipped intruders took positions on various points to fight against the Indian soldiers and extend their Line of Control!
So how delicately dangerous a duty it would be for the Indian soldiers to do when dealing with the Pakistani intruders in Kashmir
Respecting the Line of Control and safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation while expelling out the intruders from the Indian soil!

The faces of the Indian soldiers seen during the war in the TV News are never ever to be seen anywhere later;
For, they have met with martyr's death while fighting against the intruders high up on the Snow Mountains!
Only the soldiers' dead bodies returned to their native places plunging one and all in deep grief forever and ever!
Though unbelievable, it is a hard truth of the story of the unsung soldiers of Kashmir never to be forgotten for years to come!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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Comments on this Poem

Comment The first part of the poem is very good. Suddenly it gets mixed up with the second part (dealing with Pak)! The first part is an allegory. Very deftly worded. It is very excellent. The second part is an open criticism. It appears that two poem are, by mistake, bundled into one.

B Pugazhendhi
14-May-2013 03:31 AM

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