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Justice of (Ma) Destiny

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As I peer blurry-eyed up towards the heavens
I see a shooting star
feel its warm,
soothing glow as it passes above me
taking my soul in its tow.
Balls of fire glow as cinders ablaze.
Dazed and shaken my wandering eyes
meet Ma Destiny's melting gaze

She smiles at me, tearfully,
tenderness overflowing from her heart
as she sees her suffering child
trying to take a faltering step
and hears the cry that rises to baby lips
as the ocean washes its sand-castle away

She yearns to hold him in her embrace
and drink his pain till he hurts no more;
her fingers twitch to wave her magic wand
and turn his gloom into a song of joy
She moves, arms outstretched, uncontrollably, one step.

Then something inside holds her back
She thinks of his millions of sibs
who went hungry to bed tonight for want of bread
who shall dream of blood and war and pain, surviving another night(mare)
who may dream no more so great is their dread
who know not what 'morrow shall bring
for if there'll be one at all

She holds back her tears as ten-year olds die,
while helpless parents in horror watch
She hurts within her soul, as broken hearts
drift farther apart like passing stars.
She turns in denial her bleeding, exhausted eyes away
only to chance upon a doomed ray of hope
and its dying glimmer before it fades away, forever

She wails aloud in helpless frustration as her offsprings' curse
and blame their Mother for all their pain
ungrateful, wretched budlings of hers
writhing in their self-imposed stupidity
the sand – every grain of it – is all still there
their castles, but, remain no more.


More By  :  Rohini Ranjan

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