Theme: Life

Hmm! The Jealousy Bug!

He is a diminutive man
with thick hair and beard.
A quintessential Bengali.
Leftist, but works for Government.
Like any educated,
and a bit romantic Bengali,
dabbles in poetry
and some cerebral writing
once in a while.

Has a penchant for
making a roadway
with Ram, Shyam, Jadu, Madhu,
which is a Bengali way of saying
every Tom, Dick & Harry.

If I love a woman,
he is not happy.
But like a romantic disposit
he loves to love women.
Very manly for either,
will you say!

Bet, will the friendship last?
Between him and me?
Between him
and his new found lady loves?
As I introduced him to the Society
which he is hogging like mad,
I can't deny
that teeny-weeny I get unhappy
with his recent bent.

But I overcome celebratorily
and like to predict
the fallout,
sooner than later.
I know I do not lose the damn,
for everything in life is transitory!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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