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Lady Kingfisher Brown

I have a tree
in my backyard
Clustered with fresh leaves
Olive and sap green
Gnarled branches -knobby
Umbrella like
red flowers
Hibiscus in botany
Its spring again
Freshness in air
My soul inside
With wet mud
I push open
the window
Oblivious of the stir
In all its serenity
Perched a good looking
Lady King Fisher
Plump and pregnant
Resplendent and magnificent
In Plumage so colorful
Amazingly brilliant!
A therapeutic
past time
A blue feathered bird
Beautifully streamlined
Poise and grace
Taking stock of each flight
A visitor to my backyard
It takes my breath away

For reasons unknown
I sit by my window
For hours together
Watching her parked
Whole day long
A musical delight
Just like a song
One fine morning
I wake up to see
A scrawly baby bird
Amidst the bushes of tree
Mama bird assuaging
Her ravenous offspring

Raucous appeal to food
Slowly and carefully
From bill to bill
Feeds the little one
Anxiously still
A delight ' so true
Tot to hold
A sight to behold!
Of-course it's true,
Subsequent day
Mama bird sprightly and swift
Flitting .cheekily
twig to twig
I saw the baby about
To take its first flight
Mama bird looking
Bewildered at sight

We watched ..
..its peregrinations
With great trepidation
And baby bird passed
Its first flight to survival
Sat me in my window
With abated breath
Saw mama bird
Pride with marvel!
Next morning the nest was abandoned
The mama and babe had flown away
The story goes on like this
Each year mama and babe
Fly away just like this.
Next spring will come
They will come back again
Bring in excitement
We wait yet again
In unabashed joyous rain
Can in no way ascertain?
Our kingfisher of old
Is the same bird
Which came last abode?
The tree in my backyard
Is vacant again
A nondescript tree
Is looking for a tenant
From avian kingdom all over again.

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More By  :  Shelly Jyoti

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