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I Prefer to be Sexist

As I age I find I am becoming sexist.
This is an undiplomatic statement.
A Naina, a Nooyi, Thatcher, Indira, 
a Bandaranayake, a Sheikh Hasina
are exceptions, rather than the rule.
Women's psyche is different
than that of a man.
What can one do?

The Nature-ascribed role is such.
A few minutes stint of pleasure
and months of carrying and nurturing
are so much roles apart,
how can men's and women's psychology
be the same?

So women behave differently in home,
office, market place.
Women need assurances
for everything.
For men it is one time experience,
a touch and go.
Having seen six times ten winter
I am sexist.

I appreciate their sense of beauty,
their penchant for presentability,
but on issues of logic and philosophy,
a man should sprint up to The Himalayas,
or down to the Bay of Bengal.

With all respect to Naina, Nooyi, Thatcher,
Bandaranayake, Hasina and Gargi,
at six multiplied by ten
I prefer to be sexist.

I neither like the burqa,
nor the bikini.
I rather prefer a saree
or a long skirt.
And I prefer to be sexist.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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