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A Crimson Tide

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Whenever I pass by poppy fields
I wonder why the buds hang their heads
Heavy with sleep, in dreamland
Are they… I begin to speculate;
Why others are upright, eyes still closed
Conversing with skies, a hint of smile.
All I know they bloom
Only to awaken us with their radiance!
Someone in my town seems to have sown
Poppy seeds wherever he could find empty plots.
And I can’t have enough of them,
Spend all day in the fields
As Sun rolls up in the sky.
The breeze has felled the fragile petals,
They lie on the chest of grass
Not a crease on their forehead.
Poppies live in a dream world Morpheus like,
You see it’s in their genes.
Maybe I feel close to poppies;
Mother used to grind the poppy seeds
With almonds, boil in milk
And give it to me to drink
At night, when I was far too weak
Delirious, when my sister died
In her teens
I just couldn’t sleep.
But now that am ripe of age
Poppies bring me messages
Of hope, beauty and rest
From the far off lands
And sitting amongst them till sundown
Somehow lifts my spirits after bitter winter.
Their glow and cheerful demeanour
Nourishes, makes me whole.
Am so glad someone in my town
Loves poppies as much as I do, and sows
And throws the seeds so they sprout
And spread sunshine all around.
In springtime, even when the sky
Is overcast with bloated clouds.
Oh, Rain be gentle, these flowers won’t withstand
A heavy downpour, or a hail, storm, O thunder, don’t roar
For the petals may fall, get bruised and flattened.
O lightning, just manage your temper
Poppies need to be pampered
Let them carry on their higher purpose -
Emit light and awaken a sense of wonder.
This buoyant ride, buoyant ride,
This crimson tide, this crimson tide
Of red poppies, helps release limiting patterns and beliefs
Deep in my subconscious mind.
To my utter relief, my intellect and intuition harmonise
My heart expands
Recognises how futile to wrestle
With what’s destined.
Thereby show a glimpse -
What it’s to be in a state of bliss.


More By  :  Mamta Agarwal

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Mamta, You took me on a mesmerising trip on your "Crimson Tide".

I flowed with it to the end, totally charmed. And the last stanza could stand by itself as a short poem...loved it. Thanks for sharing this delightful poem.

14-Sep-2013 02:43 AM

Comment Thanks Pankaj Kumar Saxena for stopping by to come on a ride with me on - A crimson tide

thanks for the beautiful comment.


mamta agarwal
19-May-2013 08:02 AM

Comment Such a wonderful Poetry!

Pankaj Kumar Saxena
19-May-2013 01:14 AM

Comment Thanks Rupradha

Mamta Agarwal

07-May-2013 22:44 PM

Comment wonderful..

07-May-2013 12:31 PM

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