Theme: Drifting

Living Life Based on Dreams!

Realities we see are not always to our taste!

Robbery, violence, rape and murder are bad;
Terrorism is greatest threat to world peace;
Stockpiling of Nuclear weapon is great danger;
What kind of a world we have made to live in!

Many have to think and answer what life is!
Life is existence, knowledge, bliss and Absolute!
We have to live so as that is complete life here;
Life will be happy if we live based on our dreams!
What we need to do so we have to think ahead!

We have to develop human culture or humanism;
We have to live as humans before we be divines!
Best thought and knowledge we need to know;
We have to speak and write about that forever;
Also, we have to do so all in the best way we can!

We all live in various nations of the world ever;
But we all belong to the same old Earth forever!
We have to create One Human World first....
We should have one language, single currency,
And also common laws eliminating weapons..!

That's not enough, we are part of Nature ever;
We have to preserve Nature sans destroying it
For raw materials, creating new towns and so on
Due to technological development and civilization;
Stop pollution and recycle natural resources ever!

We should have full knowledge about pros and cons;
Have a grand vision based on complete knowledge first;
That's the way to have a good ambition to implement
And make achievement by doing best things for world!
There is so much to be thought about and done above all!

We can live according to our dreams if we try as above;
Knowledge and love will help us become perfect beings;
Freedom then only we can enjoy in life with joy and peace;
Satisfaction and sense of fulfilment surely we can attain...
It all depends upon our unity in one world we build soon!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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