Theme: Life

Just One of So Many

I can never say a thing for certain.
I have seen so much debauchery,
so much pain, retribution,
seen bad acts boomerang 
in long drawn processes ...
therefore, I am never certain.
For I do not understand
the logic of so many things
happening around me
all the time.

I do not even believe myself.
There is a saint in me,
and there is a satan in me too!

I cannot sometimes judge
what is good,
and what I should not be doing
and what should not even pass my mind.
But they happen,
in spite of me.
My eyes commit sin.
How can I help myself?
Resort to chanting?
I cannot do that all the time.

Sometimes I feel so ordinary,
sometimes lofty in thoughts.

I do try to hold my head high.
But I slip sometimes.
Is it my fate to touch high and low
now and then
and pass off like just one
of billions and billions
of the millennia!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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