Theme: War

Krishna's Vision

Flute, peacock feathers, had long been traded
reins steering horses, chariot, helmet
still in fancy

Notions fabricated with justice
exteriorize rarely
if ever
by actions, interactions, negotiations
Nay had been delivered
yet again

Sun descended in its diurnal ritual
off his hopes, his options
Krishna stood in field gazing
piercing horizon

Ocean sheltered by raven wings
devouring earth that hemmed it

Hair flared off head in air
khappar in hand stretched in front
she rode in nude on tide fluid as chariot
dark as shade of sky in water
blood dribbled off skull
off tongue
as it glistened

"Thine is the will O' Krishna
satiate my thirst
deluge my khappar"

Efficacy of specter surpassed of real

Fear flooded the eyes that had glistened amorously
at sights of gopis in forest
mingled with advancing peril
as turtles crawled, horses galloped
doves flew away

Trembling voice stumbled out

"Thine is the will
divine mother kali
destiny of universe
shall be done

String yielded liberating bells
off elephant scurrying away
covered eggs five and one
that could not crawl, gallop, fly

Streamed out of eyes over sanguine tongue
rage as fire
"What cunning plot is this!"

"...but for brothers five and
I the sixth"
lips quivering still
voice trembling

"Thine is the will, Lord of universe,
shall not be undone..."
fury burgeoned as she paused
"arid I remain
shall return
to claim my right
to exact my fill
till athirst I am
no more"


More By  : Dr. Raj Vatsya

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