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Can People be Fooled Forever?

Our time has come to an end in expectation in vain;
Progress is inadequate to advancement of our mind!
Nation supposed to be a Super Power is impotent
Lagging behind the rivals in socio-economic life.....!

For all mistakes of govt. people bear the brunt now!
Tax money is used in wasteful expenses of govt.;
Promises are never fulfilled to people's satisfaction;
Govt. is a car running griplessly on the road now...!

For meeting fiscal deficit, prices and taxes are hiked;
Even a single straw will break overloaded camel
To go a long way on the oasis-less desert vast now.....;
Yet, a cart is attached to the camel to drag more load!

Coalition partners of govt. support it for their gain.......
Just to pull on the remaining term period till election!
Beyond hope and frustration people suppress anger
By biting teeth to send them out from power sooner!

Without realization, the govt. goes ahead with its sops
Hoping people will be appeased by their tactics sooner!
But will the people be fooled and exploited forever...
For ruling party's advantage as in the past once again?


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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