Theme: Politics

Governing or Gambling?

Are politicians governing nation or gambling to fulfil greed?
With tax money they are playing cards game in politics....!
For receiving TDS govt. is fast, but returning refunds dead slow!
Without taking commission, no work is undertaken now.....!

Even speaking in parliament, politicians ask for commission;
Even Papers publishing news journalists ask for commission;
Social service has transformed into social business by politics;
Without commission no business in public can go on now.....!

Even after failure socialistic system is still followed in democracy!
Socialistic system never cares for individual skill or need at all;
If popular institution dissolves socialism never gives helping hand;
But capitalism bails out fallen out popular firm to revive again...!

Unions, bureaucracy & politics go hand in hand in spoil system!
They are always for rights only but never for doing duties well;
Skill, honesty and perfection are given grand goodbye long ago!
People's problems are dealt with as paper work sans any sense!

Old generations have put up with all kinds of scandals & scams;
Increased educated population demands transparency & justice;
Now intolerable youths take issues to streets to crack nuts!
Old system of governance can't stand before developing hungry mob now!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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