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Patient(ly), Heal Thyself..!

My aches with pain killers did I alleviate
From a daily routine did I hardly deviate.
I never gobbled up everything on a plate;
My hunger pangs with nutrients did I sate.
My back, I supported with a lumbar belt
With a cervical collar, my neck I’ve dealt.
Knee caps are the best, the doctor felt
And to his wishes I have bowed and knelt.
Aching joints and body parts get support
As different contraptions and pills hold fort.
But how do I control my racing thoughts,
That keep on with their do..s and do nots?
I often worry about drug reactions;
I also worry about their interactions
Inside this frail body of mine
Where they go in assembly line.
To deal with body pain, there’s a way
But how does one keep worry at bay?
How does one really deal
With all that one does feel?
For loneliness there is no cure;
Worry is another disease pure.
Both, one has to simply endure
Or distract them with some allure.
At last, I have found my panacea;
I write and that gives me euphoria.
My mind is now a lively playground;
Thoughts and words frolick around.
I have driven away many a peeve
By using my creativity as a sieve,
For my thoughts and ideas to weave
Into a poem, as my mind they leave.
My body, I rest.
My mind, I engage.
And I do my best
To control damage.
Am I feeling better now?
Yes, of course and how!


More By  :  Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

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