Theme: Childhood

Riya Studies...

“Ri, you’ve played enough for the day
Come and finish your studies, I say”.
Reluctant Riya had
hardly any choice,
But to relent to Mamma’s stern voice;
To wriggle out, there was
just no way.
Riya is seriously doing a sum
While studying with her mum..!
Sitting at her nice study table
Riya gets the “studious” label
And soon, feels “pangs” in her tum..!
“Mamma, when I’m hungry,
I really can’t study…
So please, may I go..?”
But Mamma says “NO!”
For she knows the ways of Ri..!
“First do your studies
Then you’ll get goodies.
Plus an extra boon -
Watch your favourite cartoon
And play with your buddies ...”
Riya finished her studies in no time
And even managed to learn a rhyme.
After a cartoon show,
Out Riya wanted to go
When she heard the door bell chime.
Riya answered the bell,
For she knew pretty well
That it was her pal at the door,
Wanting to play some more
And who also had a story to tell…!

(Riya is my little princess - my grand-daughter)


More By  :  Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

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