Theme: Love

My Heart is Wet with the Raindrops of Love

Look me in my eyes, my beloved
You will discover a continent of love
Colourful, jostling with rainbow desires and dreams
As pure as jasmine blooming in the rains.

It is raining now in Kolkata
But my heart is wet
With the raindrops of  your love.

You are the queen seated blissfully
On the throne of my heart
All soaked in pearly showers
I wanted you for me to wait

You did not stay for me
That day.
But you could stay.
Why  can’t you stay
For me?
Am  I that worthless one?
For whom none stays
Am I that bad?
That you don’t feel that you can stay for me
a minute
an hour
a day
a month
a year
and a life
Waiting is love, my dear
Waiting is life, come and share

Waiting is meaningful when
You wait for me
Life is a rush for meaningless orgy.

We all wait in this world
For all the meaningless rots
Wealth, money, house, palatial apartment
Gold price, Share  market and a Noida plot

Love and Friendship
How many of us do really wait,
The two precious words
Which may keep you alive
The two words can kill you
and make you sweat.

How many people died in war till now?
How many people died from heart attacks?
You don’t  know, more died out of heartbreaks
When the beloved refused to nod
Or, when the lover dies in a plane crash
Or when the lad is poor and the beloved a rich lass.

How many people die in epidemics?
Love is more contagious
Love is more universally spread
Only the calling is required
From somebody who misses you
And who cannot wait
any more
My heart is wet with the raindrops of your love.
Dear, let me live in your cosy love - nest like a dove.


More By  : Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee

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Comments on this Poem

Comment I am so thankful to you for your thanking me much for my creativity...I need no greater support.

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee
08-Jun-2013 07:29 AM

Comment Good perception of love.Good imagination.Good desire.Thank you Dr.

Nathmal Sharma
07-Jun-2013 12:23 PM

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