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Laws of Fatal Attraction

Affinity towards opposite gender
Is governed by the laws of nature-
And the creator chose the delight
To provoke romance with caricature!
Windows of mind widely opens
With blooming of flowers on heart-
And this is the truth we seem to see,
Often in movies and visual art!

Attraction is a salient revelation
That makes mountain of a mole hill-
And seen among Hollywood stars,
Buried in fame with love-bug chill!
Laws of Physics on magnetic fields
Exhibit pulls between opposite poles-
Likewise, with 'soul-mate syndrome',
We allow hearts to play fatal roles!
Life swings on concentric circles
With centripetal and centrifugal force-
And radiates romance, love with lust,
Drenched in emotions of course!

Aberration offers congenial effects
Between object and retinal vision-
While mood swings create dilemma,
Proportional to a chaotic mission!
The locus of life bathes in motion
To speculate radiance like crystal ball-
And stay ready with magic of attraction
To fantasize or tantalize own dance hall!

Dimming of centripetal and centrifugal force
Brings notion of motion to a screeching halt-
Irrespective of pressure, mass or gravity,
Love and romance is no one's fault!
Acceleration may impede the dynamics
Of escape velocity in a love-win game-
But it's disappearance like camphor
Doesn't bring anyone's guilt or shame!
Thus, laws of attraction can't be blamed
For the magical twists of lips and arms-
Rather they will ignite flames on heart
Like a lightning with its unusual charms!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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