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Leaning Tower of Pisa

The famed Tower of Pisa has breached the threshold,
Tilting into a danger zone
While an unforeseen event could cause the topple,
And set the demise tone!
A strong wind can blow it over, or even an Earth tremor
Could cause the crash
Unless we pay the attention now to save this marvel
Before it becomes a trash!

The laws of Physics and Gravity need to be re-examined
To prevent it from the fall
And the residents of this medieval city, shrugging off the warning,
Need the wake-up call!
The danger is real now, and the margin of safety
Is extremely low
While the area beneath the tower is on a shaky ground,
Affected by the ground water flow!

This Renaissance masterpiece has weathered over time
To become 830 years old
And attracted millions of visitors
Who like to treasure it as bullion of gold!
This marvel of marble is a famous landmark in Italy
And deserves the global attention now
To prevent from the total collapse, and needs
The proper inclination through technical know-how!

The beauty of this leaning tower is impeccable
And holds fond memories of ancient ages
While the fables can be found in various books,
When we flip through the history pages!
To ensure its longevity, experts need to come forward
With a long-term solution
And I urge it sooner for the visitors' safety,
With an eye to local pollution!

The livelihood of souvenir hawkers depends on the tilt,
But they can't rest easy
Because of the tilt that has kept the "Special Commission"
And the Government busy!
So, may I draw the global attention of technical experts?
To find a scientific way
And insist on the proper inclination
To prevent this tower from any further sway!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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