Theme: Elegiac

Precious Life

A young woman actor commits suicide,
reportedly lovelorn
and betrayed by paramour,
who reportedly had forced himself on her
several times
and made her abort.
Her womanhood was betrayed
and she committed suicide.
So sad.

One cannot but feel
for the pretty young aspiring actor.
How many dreams die in the tinsel world like this
or in other ways!
Should the mother not been more careful?
Will the paramour have remorse?
Will he get some punishment
for reportedly abetting the suicide?
Time will tell.

But a poet pines
for the pretty sad face.
Life is too precious, the poet says
for a betrayal or two.
Why one or two?
Let there be betrayals by the dozen.
One must still live,
for life is far too precious
even for that.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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