Theme: Life


Take the thorns away 
from roses. 
Sex will never be the same. 

Bring the bellicosity under 
cover on the steep side. 
The mountain has started cracking. 

The wreckage was strewn 
around in the field of croci. 
Religion had hit the jagged cliff
and exploded. 

It was not an airborne god. 
The salt water was telling 
a tainted story. 

Flashing the legs, the 
pink panther will find an equal in 
wolf. It was a political liability. 


Sacred sex 
on water trail. 

Would you mind to sit 
on a solid rock and 
measure the strong winds 
stripping the tall trees? 

Jackals were calling. 
Lions are approaching. 
You say it was not immoral 
to commit a sin before the fire. 

There is a bloody gash 
on my body. I am not 
able to stop iniquity.


More By  :  Satish Verma

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