Theme: Satire


Murkhamantri has just returned from an overseas tour and lecture,
Delivered at Harvard, California, Stanford,
Oxford and Cambridge
And that too as a management guru, he went there
And delivered to regale the management guys,
Telling them all about his exploits, profits and comics
Met with in business and managerial expertise.
The slides which he showed to them
       pictured him driving a bullock cart first
And he sitting at the helm waving the hands,
Taking food grains and corns to his hamlet home,
Walking into the farmlands and singing a song in ecstasy;
Thereafter cows and buffaloes of his dairy farm
And he milking with his hand, not through a machine.
After that the pictures showed him resting under a peepul tree,
Taking a beedi, an Indian beedi,
A leafy and tobacco rolled cigarette
And the smoke coming out of the nose
And he taking stylistically, tactically.
All that to show how a rural rustic has turned into a minister,
Not into a minister of the state-level, but the central level minister,
Hiding the facts of his life,
How he roamed about the streets like a loafer,
An illiterate who does not know
      how to talk and how to behave with others.
Stealing the facts from his life
      that he did not mix water in milk, but milk in water
And sold in the streets
And now is a leader, and that too of some repute
And the media after him, taking the snaps of his,
Praising like a rajah and the paparazzi the oiling people of his.
After his return from the biz lecture, foreign tour and travel,
Now the rural rustics, a mass of illiterates and Indian fools,
Talking of his light-hearted jokes and comics,
But in reality he is not a comedian but a criminal,
A tragedian who brings in tragedies.
What will the Harvard men know about the rustics doing politics?
But the things of life are curtailed and hidden.
On Coming From Harvard, California
After his return from Harvard, California and Massachussets,
Oxford and Cambridge,
Murkhamantri holding parleys with the villagers
About how he delivered his lecture in the podium
Of the business management institutes,
How did he regale the Americans.
It was really a wonderful experience to be with the Americans
And that too the American management faculty
Members and the business guys
He conversing with them lively and pleasantly
And it was really befitting to be with.
It was a matter of pride not of the country he belonged to,
But of the village he was from
And from America, he telephoning them
And that too from the podium
And waving at all in a leader’s style.
A son of the native soil, he went to America not as a leader,
But as a management expert,
It was indeed a great experience and he felt great about
His lecture and speech.
The American experts and faculty members had not smiled for long
And it was he who made them laugh
Through his rural comics and jokes
For which the Americans and the British complimented him.
In America, he smoked a cheroot in joy
For his successful lecture,
How did he earn a billion after rearing the poultry farm
And the dairy farm
And they applauded him in affirmation.
At Oxford and Cambridge too, he had a tryst with the British
And there he spoke not in King’s or Queen’s English,
But in Indian-Pidgin, Creole, Bhojpurian English, Hinglish,
Laced with the broken Hindi accent.
When He Alighted From The Aeroplane
When Murkhamantri alighted from the plane at the nearest aerodrome
From his American trip, tour and travel,
Lectures given at Harvard, California B-schools,
At Oxford and Cambridge in England,
The people thronged the area in a number.
With the drone and flyover of the plane sighted over and coming down,
The people started raising the slogan, Murkhamantri Zindabad,
Amar rahe, amar rahe (let he be immortal),
All jostling to see the hero in kurta and pyjama
And the dark sunglasses.
His private secretary with the attaché and the file running after him
And Murkhamantri accepting the bouquets of flowers
From the common people,
From his henchmen, musclemen too,
All talking about his foreign tour and travel.
All talked of his gaiety, cheerfulness and rural antics shown out,
The dialect he had been conversing in,
His mixing with the common public
And the things of this type.
On coming to his house,
      he showed the honour which he received in America,
The doctorate given to him
For being the guest of honour and the key-note speaker,
The resource person.
How he dressed to address them, the business faculty students,
Telling about the simplest jobs to be done in a simple way,
The T-shirt and jeans pants he wore to deliver his lecture
In the United States of America and England
Just as a management guru!


More By  :  Bijay Kant Dubey

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